2018 Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge & Dinghy Distance Race

Loaner Boats & Crew Needed

$40 Entry Fee

$45 Fee, Race Day

Loaner Boats

Boats to Loan

Contact these skippers if you are looking for a loaner boat

  1. Gary Herbert                         gpherbert@cox.net                        Sunfish                                      Hampton, Va.

  2. Ed Darling                             mailsul@yahoo.com                      Sunfish                                      Portsmouth, Va.

  3. Jamie Chapman                  jamiec0202@gmail.com                 Sunfish                                      Hampton, Va.

Skippers Looking for Boats

Contact these skippers if you have a loaner boat

  1. Gil Entzminger                                                           gil@enterodesign.com                                      Sunfish

    1. Jamie Chapman loaned boat to Gil for the Sunfish Challenge​

Crew Looking for Boats

Contact these folks if you need crew for your dinghy

  1. Adina Silvestri                          adina@adinasilvestri.com          Intermediate Skill                  I am looking to crew on any boat. Very excited to be a part of the Sunfish Challenge!

Skippers Looking for Crew

Contact these folks if you're crew and need ride

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