2017 Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge & Dinghy Distance Race

Sailing Instructions

$40 Entry Fee

$45 Fee, Race Day

Sailing Instructions


Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge & Dinghy Distance Race
September 22, 2018
 Sailing Instructions


The Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge & Dinghy Distance Race is held to promote friendly and honorable racing. The event will be governed by current International Sailing Federation Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017¬-2020, as adopted by the United States Sailing Association, except as modified by these instructions.  


A completed entry form is required. Entry fee of $40.00 must accompany the entry form. $5.00 fee for crew is required at registration. Registration can be made up to the Skippers Meeting, with a $5 late fee applying the day of the race.


1.    A boat is entirely for her own safety whether afloat or ashore and nothing whether in the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions or anywhere else reduced this responsibility.

2.    It is for a boat to decide whether she is fit to sail in the conditions in which she will find herself.  By launching the boat confirms that she is fit for those conditions and her crew is competent to sail and compete.
3.    The prevision of Safety Boats does not relieve the boat of her responsibilities. 


1.    All competitors MUST wear a US Coast Guard or International equivalent personal floatation device at all time when racing, with exceptions made for the Windsurfing competitors. Wet suits and Dry suits do not constitute an adequate Personal Flotation Device.

2.    Radio Communications:  Although it is desirable that all boats carry a hand-held VHS radio (Ch. 72), only a whistle is required.

3.    20 ft. Painter Lines must be affixed to all Dinghies (excluding Windsurfers), in the event a tow is needed.

4.    The race starting procedure shall not commence until all Safety Boats are afloat and on station.

5.    All boats are required to yield the right of way to commercial vessels (freighters, tugs, ferries, etc.) transiting the race area during a race. Any contestant that fails yield to commercial traffic is subject to disqualification.

6.    No race will be started if the average wind velocity for a 10-minute period exceeds 25MPH.


1.    The Start Line/ Finish Line will be between the Race Committee boat’s Orange Flag and an Day Beacon R”4” (CCV MARK A) Coordinates 37 00.18’N   76 20.28’W,  on the water near the Hampton Bar. 


1.    The Long Distance Race Course to be sailed will consist of a start between the RC, heading west into the Hampton Roads with a turn at Middle Ground Lighthouse, leaving it either to Starboard or Port, with a return finish at  CCV MARK A.

2.    If inclement weather, the RC may elect to run different courses with fixed government marks and drop marks, to be displayed on HYC courseboard.


1.    Approximate “ATTENTION” signal times: 1100. The starting sequence will be:  

2.    All classes will be designated by a colored flag to denote classes.      
a.    Racing Sunfish flag:                    RED FLAG w/Sunfish Logo
b.    Rec./Tandem Sunfish:                Black FLAG w/White Sunfish Logo
c.    Laser/Force 5 flag:                      BLUE FLAG w/ Laser/Force 4 logo
d.    Comet Fleet:                                Comet Class Flag
e.    Open Class flag:                           “R” FLAG (Yellow/Red cross flag)
f.    Viper Fleet:                                     Viper Flag
g.    Albacore Fleet:                              Albacore Flag
h.    Multi-Hull, A Cat, Hobie:              Hobie Flag                   
i.    Sonar flag:                                       Sonar Flag

3.    Please stay at least 50 yards away from the start line if it is not your start.



RRS 26 Starting Sequence will not be used. Instead, the 3 minute Dinghy Start

Sequence will be employed. The start sequence will be as follows:

•    Approx. 5 min. to race start – ATTENTION – short, repeated horn blasts.

•    3 Minutes         3 Long Horn Blasts
•    2 Minutes         2 Long Horn Blast
•    1 Minute           1 Short Horn Blast
•    Start                 1 Long Horn Blast  


Finish Line Procedures:  
1.    Racers will be given a laminated 8x11 inch numbered placard that is to be attached to the rear of their PFD.  

2.    At the race finish line, the racer will hold up their number to the Finish Line RC and shout their number to the RC folks as well.  This will ensure that all race participants will be scored.

3.    After finishing, please clear the finish line area to allow room for the other boats that are still on the course.


The Race Committee will close the Finish Line at 1700. All boats resigning from the race should contact the Safety Boat by hailing on VHF Ch 72 or by blowing their whistle.

1.    A total of 10 plaques will be presented to the 3 Sunfish Classes.
2.    4 plaques will be presented to the Open Class.
3.    2-3 plaques will be presented to each of the remaining Fleets. 
4.    A special Tyler Patnaude Memorial Sunfish Challenge Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the 1st place finisher in the Recreational Sunfish Class.




1.    Due to the informality of this regatta, protests are discouraged but the current US Sailing Rules shall be adhered to. All properly formatted protest must be turned into the RC within 1 hour of the last Fleets finish. 

2.    Protests will be turned into the Sunfish Challenge office on the 2nd floor of the Hampton Yacht Club building.

3.    Formal protests will be entertained at a hearing to be scheduled as soon as possible after the race.

4.    Sailors must prepare their protest in accordance with the current US Sailing Rules 60-71.4.


1.    For the Open Class, the Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme will be used, subject to 3% acceleration from the published number, if needed.  The Race Committee will set figures for boats without a published Portsmouth Number.  

2.    For all other Classes, one design scoring will apply.

1.    Breakfast will be provided by the Hampton Yacht Club for a nominal $10 charge, which includes taxes and gratuity.

2.    Lunch/Dinner is provided. Extra lunch tickets are available for $5.00.

3.    All registered race participants are invited to attend the lunch/dinner social and awards ceremony immediately following the race at the Hampton Yacht Club.

4.    Wayne Mitchell will perform at the post race party.


Order of Events

Race Day, Saturday Sept, 22, 2018

1.    0645-0800    Boats arrive at Hampton Yacht Club,  4707 Victoria Blvd. Hampton, Va.
i.    Skippers/crew will rig boats and Ramp Teams will assist in getting boats into the water.
ii.    Skippers may place boats in at the HYC dinghy ramp, or one of 3 HYC cranes. 
iii.    If desired, Sunset Boat Ramp is available for use.

2.    0800-0930    Check in at the Registration Desk, located near HYC Dinghy Dock.
i.    Skippers will register, eat breakfast, and rig their boats.
ii.    Registration will close at 0930.
3.    0930     Skippers Meeting on the steps of the HYC clubhouse.
4.    1100          Approx. time for First Warning, Starting Sequence for Racing Sunfish    Class.
i.    No rolling starts for this race.  
ii.    Start line will be clear of boats before the Class starts.
5.    1700    Time limit for all boats to clear the racecourse
6.    1730    Food, drinks, raffle, and post-race awards on the Bricks at HYC.
i.    The post-race awards ceremony will start promptly at 1730, no earlier.

Theme for the Day-Be Patient, Be Flexible, Have Fun!!


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